Ceara Partying In Vegas

So it is another fresh week and we are back with some Ceara Lynch galleries.They are a little different. Ceara is during her holyday in Vegas and she will party there like a rock star. The sizzling babe went into a club and picked up this lucky bastard who will get to taste her legs a little. The sizzling babe since to get some whenever she wants and wherever she wants. Grab a seat and see hot this babe parties.

Well, after a couple of drinks, Ceara felt in the mood for some submission attention. So after she came with an indecent proposal to this lucky dude, telling him that she let him to kiss and lick her, but only on her legs, he war more that trilled to hear that. Aren’t men so fucking weak when it comes to women? Well, with some legs like Ciara’s there is no wonder no man could ever say no to her. She will demand him to lick her shoes and legs and this dude obey her right away. If you want to enjoy the whole scene, cum inside and see how mean and bossy Ceara can get. Until next week, I hope you’ll enjoy!

See as hot Ceara gets her feet kissed and worshiped!